September 26, 2017

Anti Social Behaviour

Anti social behaviour around Chickerell is a priority for the town council.  We are working hard, in conjunction with our Neighbourhood Police Team, to identify those responsible.  As many of you will be aware we have a new CCTV system around the hall, play area and MUGA which gives clear images, this is monitored daily and a new CCTV system is to be fitted at the Chickerell Library within the next couple of weeks.  We would request that all incidents that are witnessed, however small or trival they may seem, are reported to the Police.  This can be done online at using the Do It Online function, or by telephoning 101.  If damage is being done or a crime is being committed please ring 999.  Remember that the Police are only able to tackle this problem if they are made aware of every incident – Thank you

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