The Mayor is elected each year at the Annual Town Council meeting which is held in May.  The Mayor has two distinct roles, as Chairman of the Town Council and First Citizen for the town.  The role of Mayor is distinct from that of Councillor and the Mayor acts in a non-political manner when carrying out the civic role.  The Deputy Mayor will attend functions when the Mayor is unable to do so.

There are many engagements undertaken by the Mayor in which he/she acts as a link between the various groups, organisations and the town.  The Mayor is able to share the views and concerns of the community with the Council.  The Mayor can also take the Council’s message out into the community and work towards achieving the Council’s social, educational and economic aims.

Councillor Mrs Lyn Wise has been elected Mayor of Chickerell for 2018/19

Councillor Wise is supported in this role by her father, Councillor Mike Jolliffe who acts as Mayor’s Escort

and by the Deputy Mayor Councillor Jeff Mogg.

Request the Mayor’s Attendance

Invitations can be made in the form of a letter (via address below) or by email to  In view of the Mayor’s schedule, it is essential all invitations are made through the Mayor’s Secretary giving as much notice as possible.

Invitations are dealt with in the order that they are received and as many engagements are accepted many months in advance it is best to plan well ahead.  The Mayor is unlikely to be able to accept an invitation at less than 14 days notice.  The Mayor’s Secretary will make contact with you upon receiving the invitation.

All engagements accepted by the Mayor will require completion of an Engagement Form to confirm the booking.  The information requested is important to ensure that all the arrangements can be made for the Mayor (or Deputy Mayor should the Mayor not be available) to attend your function.  It also gives the Mayor the opportunity to find out more about the event and your organisation beforehand.

Notes & Guidance

The guidance note attached to the engagement form will provide you with useful information when the Mayor is due to visit. Please read this before completing the engagement details.


All correspondence relating to the Mayor should be addressed to:

Mrs Mo Newport

Mayor’s Secretary

Chickerell Town Council

Town Council Suite

Putton Lane


Dorset   DT3 4AJ